About Shelli

shelli dorfe

  Shelli Dorfe of Studio Mela is an illustrator that lives in the cutest little city called Victoria in Minnesota. She lives with her handsome husband of 10 years and a son named Brayden who is 8. They have a wonder dog named Milo who is an English Cream Golden Retriever. One of Milo's favorite places is to sit in the studio while Shelli draws...and he loves to watch the printer moving back and forth...eyeing every print to make sure they are absolutely perfect.

  Although she has taken some art classes, Shelli is mostly a self taught artist. She once believed she was going to be a writer and spent most of her college years in creative writing classes and typing away on the computer hoping to be published someday. It was her husband that changed her path by purchasing her a digital paint program for the computer one Valentines Day. She spent hours and days and months and years teaching herself how to use fancy computer programs...how to scan...how to print... The great thing was: she was still using the words she so loved to use...but in an entirely different way. Through art. Still reaching people and connecting with the world. Digital Typography and Illustration work is not her only love. She also can be found sketching with pencils and painting flowers with watercolors or acrylics. Her charming illustrations are inspired by childhood, summer gardens...and fancy little girls.

  Shelli Dorfe's work has been seen in many magazines nationally and worldwide, newspapers, on tv programs, on greeting cards, numerous and generous blogs but nothing holds her heart more than knowing her work hangs in many warm homes throughout the entire world. Above a new babies crib...above a mantel...by the front door saying hello to everyone who enters. It is only then she knows she is a tiny bit successful...passing a smile from her home to theirs. Surrounding yourself with positivity and great things will happen! This is not only Shelli's philosphy in her life but in her art. You will see nothing short of happiness in her work...and color...lots and lots and lots of color.

  Always available for licensing, collaborations and custom work! Please use the contact form, we'd love to hear your ideas!

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